Review: Batman The Dark Knight Returns (books)

Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

yes, another story of the caped-crusader
this time we will read about what if batman rest and didn’t protecting gotham city anymore?, and what if he returns after years disappeared? . after jason todd tragedy, bruce wayne decided to ended his action as crime-vigilante batman. after 10 years of batman last seems, gotham become dangerous city with new breed of gangster called themself “mutants” and rule the gotham, can batman stop them?

old villains like two face and the joker also be told here about how their life has to be without batman, and how they become after batman showed in gotham again?

gotham city police department also changed a lot, like commissioner gordon stories before retire as gotham’s police commissioner, and now batman hasn’t get support from police department, he’s alone and branded as criminal-vigilante that insane, GCPD now after him

US in this era also in crisis about cold war, and remaining member of justice league is superman, that also bruce wayne’s best friend must stop this cold war, beside that superman also must take attention of gotham city who becoming riot, what will superman do to old bruce wayne?

with all this mess, 55-years old bruce wayne finnaly find himself burned and must wearing his cape again as the dark knight to stop these craziness in his town

so, batman isn’t young anymore … he will more slow and more weak against all threats that maybe will kill this poor old man

but yeah, Old heroes never die. They just get darker

an epic story from frank miller, this book contains more narrative and stories than images. as we can see so much dialogue and narration in this book. with so many elements from batman universe and darker story of batman, i think this book is one of the best story of batman. worth to read

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