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That worst night, and it’s happened again this night … when i posted this

Dat feelings when you know that the woman you’ve love is already in relationship with someone else, have you already know how this feels like? I hope you not

Today i already grown up since last year, and i have different way of think and feels than younger version of me. Yeah, by the time you’ll change into someone better if you think you’ve failed at the past.

This girl, i love her (after so long didn’t mention “love” to another girl) … But the fate once again tell a different story. I’m different from before …

I remember how my feelings defeat my logic and said something to myself “come on, you’re more better than her boyfriend dude, prove to her..!”

 I’m still young, i let my senses command my logic and struggle to this drama. And you know … I’ve disappointed myself. I was right that he’s jerk and (ehm) i was a better person than him but she don’t care , not until she’s know by herself that her boyfriend was it

Back to this night when the worst reality repeated again. Now i’m wondering that this is curse or somewhat (i don’t know) but this night and tomorrow i’ll be ok …

No more cross to the someone relationship, no more drama, no more shits

I just standing on crossroad with a straight face, don’t know where to go and start it over again. Maybe i’m too tired, or maybe i’m just pathetic. And I know that “they” are laughing at me right now

not when someone suddenly told me a words: “anything happened to us must be with some essence, and  something happen for a reason”

You know bro, maybe i will just stay in this crossroad for a little longer … right now With smile,

ps: thanks for always listen and cheer me up until today


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